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Sire: Sir Boomer Boomerton

Sir Boomer.jpg
AKC_Seal_1884_blue_wR (1).jpg

Boomer is a gorgeous dark to red Golden Retriever. He is the fastest boy we’ve ever had! He lives to run, play, and share in adventures. He is loyal and strong. He is great with kids and other pets. Boomer loves the water and especially loves to retrieve anything you throw for him. His favorite song is "Don't Stop Retrievin'!"

DAM: Isabella Rella Rue

AKC_Seal_1884_blue_wR (1).jpg

Bella is a beautiful medium Golden Retriever with an amazing body structure. She has the sweetest temperament and is unbelievably loving. She is extremely gentle with everyone, and she absolutely thinks she's a human. Bella has an excellent pedigree with champion blood lines.

DAM: Liberty LoveBell

AKC_Seal_1884_blue_wR (1).jpg

Liberty is a beautiful light Golden Retriever and is such a super cuddly, playful and fun addition to our family! She loves to retrieve anything you throw, especially frisbees! She's incredibly fast, athletic, and loves to jump!

Booomer and Bella.png

Proud Parents September 2023

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