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About Us

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Hello and welcome to the Liberty Ridge Retrievers Family! We are the Robbins Family. Ian, Tj, & Given. We’re a small family owned boutique breeder in the Missoula, Montana area that focuses on offering top quality purebred AKC Golden Retrievers that are healthy, beautiful, well adjusted, smart, and will make a loving addition for your family. We raise our puppies with heart!

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All of our puppies are well loved and socialized. Our puppies are raised in our home in a birthing suite off our master bedroom. We keep a very close eye on our babies by running daily wellness checks, Early Neurological Stimulation tests (ENS), Vet checks, health certifications, and equitable food distribution and rotation. We also follow Jane Killion’s “Puppy Culture” methods with all of our puppies to ensure that you will have a happy and more manageable training experience with your puppy.

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In addition our puppies are raised on our family farm. They will be accustomed to being around other animals, such as free ranging chickens, rabbits, and tons of wildlife. This does not mean they will never give “chase,” but this means they will be well on their way to voice command training and discipline “IF” you intentionally continue the process.


We strive to run our business in a manner that shows our deep integrity, honesty, and commitment to offer you the very best family pet we can provide. We believe Golden Retrievers are one of the most astoundingly beautiful, majestic dog breeds in the entire world. We are passionate to continue a legacy of ethical, safe, and loving, breeding programs for our Golden Retrievers. Are you ready for a Liberty Ridge Retriever to join your family? We hope that you will fall in LOVE with this incredible, intelligent, and loyal breed just as we have. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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